Stele di Nora, Colonna di Santu Jacci, Vaso di Strisáili (ENGLISH VERSION)

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Nora’s Stele, Santu Jacci’s Column, Strisáili’s Jug, Dueno’s Vase, by Salvatore Dedola

English edition, 2021

By abusing dialectical tools, too many people are using the oxymoron "thunderous silence"

as well as its opposite "silent noise". Forgive me, please, if I continue in abusing of the

commonplace, but on this Stele there has always been a "mute crash", in the sense they

have strummed so much on it, to induce only deafness among the various intellectuals still

willing to understand: inevitable was the consequent silence.

To be clear, in Sardinia we are in the same feastal noise evoked by an old Neapolitan

song, which tells of "Pignataro’s band who played Parsifal... In the midst of a very huge

crowd, in the overwhelming finale, people “smoked” Zazà (a very beautiful woman)...

Where is Zazà…, O my Madonna…, where is Zazà without Isaiah...".

It is precisely in a very riotous time the atmosphere of crime arises and improves itself.

The perfect murder is made during the noisy crowded carnival masquerades, such as the

Cagliari’s Ratantìra. In the indistinct twilight, among the dirty trails left by the uproaring

brigade, there is by chance a dead man...

It’s the Stele of Nora!

From the "mute crash" following that crime, nothing will arise as proof. The investigators'

authority is outclassed by fake news, and "anyone comes to make wood on the dead tree",

free of charge, without paying duty. Needless to say, when authority leaves a "strategic

vacuum", any Sherlock Holmes can feel himself indispensable to the investigation, without

guaranteeing any moderation, without the care that every experienced detective should

have so the perfect case does not melt into perfect chaos.

This is the stage where two books are relating to us about the "suicide Stele". No book

comes from University, each one has no "imprimatur". And it’s on those books, for lack of

anything better, that now I, me, am called to investigate. We will soon find out if it’s a

dustbin or a Sachertorte, as it should hopefully be clear from the discussion of the texts.

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Stele di Nora, Colonna di Santu Jacci, Vaso di Strisáili (ENGLISH VERSION)

0 ratings
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