Pellitos Sardos, Ver Sacrum et cetera (ENGLISH VERSION)

Salvatore Dedola
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Pellitos Sardos, Ver Sacrum et cetera by Salvatore Dedola

English edition, 2021

An extract from the Foreward:

"After having written two Etymological Dictionaries and an Etymological Encyclopedia, as well as many other books relating to the whole Sardinian knowledge, many themes I have solved, which I have chosen or which I can still choose to publish. I expose my investigations and scientific discoveries only with books.

Today, among many themes I methodically highlighted (...) 1. Sardinians Pelliti, 2. Vēr Sācrum, 3. Montes Insani (or Mainómenoi órē), 4. the infamous separation of the so-called "Indo-European languages" between centum and satǝm. These are immense and sensational themes for scholars from Sardinia, Italy and the world. Discovering the truths denied and promoting their knowledge is the only goal that can be pursued by those who value the morality of research and the wisdom of results".

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Pellitos Sardos, Ver Sacrum et cetera (ENGLISH VERSION)

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